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Helping Zai Abdollahi

Helping Zai Abdollahi

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On the 21st of March 2023, Zai was diagnosed with stage 4, high-risk Neuroblastoma. Since his diagnosis, he has undergone one of the most gruelling treatment protocols a child can endure. In the last 12 months Zai has had eight rounds of high-dose chemotherapy, two 8-hour surgeries to remove the primary tumour and another mass from his chest, a bone marrow transplant, 12 rounds of radiation, and is now going through 6 months of immunotherapies. 

Throughout his treatment, he has suffered horrible side effects through reduced eyesight, permanent hearing loss and he will be infertile. 

He has responded very well to treatment, but despite the success, the hard truth is that Neuroblastoma has a 50% relapse rate and if Zai relapses, his chances of survival plummet to just 5%. The good news is there is an amazing drug (DFMO, which is FDA-approved) available in America that has been proven to reduce the risk of relapse by 25%. The bad news is Australia won't be bringing this drug into the country for at least another 2 years. Until then Zai will have a 50/50 chance of relapsing and dying. 

This is a risk that no family should have to take. Zai has been accepted into an American Clinical trial of DFMO for relapse prevention in high-risk Neuroblastoma cases. He will be required to take these drugs for two years and will need to travel to the USA at least six times. He needs to start the American protocol within 60 days of completing his immunotherapy treatment. We expect this treatment phase to be completed in June 2024. Each trip to America will cause a huge financial stress as their family-run business will be closed and this is their only source of income.

Anyone who knows this family knows they are the kindest, most generous human beings and asking for help would not be easy for them, this is why we are asking you for your support to give Zai the best chance of beating this deadly disease and living a full life cancer-free.

Your generosity will be used to help cover the costs of medication, hospital expenses (scans, bone marrow aspirations, blood tests) Flights to the USA, Visa and accommodation while there and also used to help support their other two children who will sadly have to remain in Australia with other family members while their Mum, Dad and brother travel for treatment.

Every donation big or small will make a huge impact!


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