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Helping Chelene Watson

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I was working full-time, an athletic person and extremely fit, when I was diagnosed with cancer.

In August 2020, I was diagnosed with an aggressive peritoneal metastatic ovarian cancer. The cancer originated in my ovaries, with no genetic history in my family. My cancer is now Stage 4, despite ongoing treatments.

I had what is known as “the mother of all surgeries” in 2020 – a nine-hour surgery with 14 doctors, and a heated chemotherapy, called HIPEC. I was just the 12th person in Australia to have this surgery.

I spent two weeks in ICU afterwards then had to fly back home from Brisbane to Mackay, where I spent another two weeks in hospital.

Ever since, I’ve been on chemotherapy due to cancer progression in lymph nodes in my groin, and now in my lungs. The cancer has been hard to control, so now I need both chemotherapy and stereotactic radiation – which is expensive.

I’ve had many challenges along the way.

After surgery I had a bowel obstruction and needed blood transfusions.

I have a high level of pain in my abdominal area, so pain management has been difficult.

I’ve had blood clots in both my arms.

I am neutropenic, which means my immunity is low and something as common as the flu could kill me.

I am allergic to the dye used in CT scans, and my cancer is hard to see – it has been invisible in the past.

My treatment has also caused me to have anaphylactic seizures.

It’s hard to see specialists in Mackay, so I have to travel. Travel expenses, as well as the costs of treatment are adding up.

With the cancer now in my lungs too, I know it is finally going to get me, but would appreciate any help with expenses so I can spend the time I have left with my family.

I am truly grateful for anything you can contribute.

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