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Helping Noel Carmona

Helping Noel Carmona

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In early February, my world was turned upside by three small words - ‘You have Cancer’.

The gut-wrenching feeling that came next was overwhelming; I felt worry, shock, and fear all at once. To see my hopes, dreams and plans for the future shatter before my eyes within seconds was unbearable. To watch my fiancé crumble to a million pieces broke my heart.

Noel in hospital with his Fiance, Cheyanne

My name is Noel, I am the young age of 35. I was living my best life, working hard to chip away at my goals, raising my son to be the best version of himself that he can be, and making wedding plans with my new fiancé. I have always been an independent person - if I wanted something I worked hard to achieve it. I've never expected anything for nothing and I've always wanted to give my family the best that I can. It is hard for me to be asking for help and to feel so vulnerable and desperate.

I am a simple guy, I like spending time with my fiancé and son, doing all of the things that we love. Raising my son to be a good, honest and hardworking man is my main priority in life. I lead by example so that one day I can look back and be proud of the man I brought up in this world. My second is to love and support my future wife in every way possible. My goals in life are simple. I am the kind of person that would give the food off my plate just to make sure someone did not go hungry.

Noel with his 7-yr old son, Mateo

Six short weeks ago everything changed. I felt like I had been hit by a freight train with no signs of it slowing down. On a Thursday I presented to my doctor with a cough that I couldn’t shake. Less than a week later I was having major surgery to attempt to remove a 13cm mass from my chest. This surgery was unsuccessful, with only 15% being able to be removed. I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive type of cancer called Thymic Carcinoma. It wasn’t until a few days later after an ICU stay post-surgery that I was told everything. 

I was in disbelief; I watched my fiancé cry uncontrollably as the doctor explained I had Stage 4b Cancer. I have a primary mass in my chest attached to my Thymus, lung and heart. During surgery, they took as much as they could but the major artery involvement gave too much risk to take anymore. I would have bled out on the table. I have a secondary mass on my adrenal gland and some lymph node involvement. Things are looking pretty bleak for me. I am unsure what lies ahead, but I am doing my best to be brave for the people that love me and to stay positive and strong.

Noel's Family, Cheyanne and Mateo, at the Zoo

I am terrified that I will not see my 7-year-old son grow up, and that I won’t be able to show him all the things I have planned to in this world. I am scared that I won’t get to marry the love of my life and have the army of children we have always wanted. I don’t care what possessions I have to sacrifice to save my life.

I've started Chemotherapy this past Wednesday. I have mixed emotions; I am feeling good for now and remaining positive despite all the statistics, however, the odds are not in my favour. If Chemotherapy does not work for me, I will be recommended for a treatment called Keytruda. It’s a promising anti-cancer drug but currently for my condition, it is not covered under Medicare.

This potentially lifesaving treatment can cost anywhere between $25,000 - $135,000 depending on the number of rounds I will need.

I am asking for your support to be able to afford this life-saving treatment. To give me hope to go on to see my son become a man, and eventually marry the love of my life. To live my life normally again, to go to work and come home to the people I care about most. Starting from scratch doesn’t scare me, I’m not afraid of hard work. The thought of not being alive for my beautiful boy and my Fiancé paralyses me. I am not asking you to do it all for me but to help me along in my fundraising goal.

Noel and his Fiance, Cheyanne

Any help that can be provided will be appreciated beyond belief by myself and my beautiful family

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