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Helping Carolyn McDonnell

Helping Carolyn McDonnell

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Immunotherapy is our last chance…
Hi, this is Carol, our hugely beloved wife, mother and grandmother and the beating heart of our family. Carol is a wife to Richard, mother to Lisa, Liam, Rori and Ramsey and grandmother to 11 wonderful and cheeky grandchildren, ranging from 17 to 3 years of age.

Carol is now facing the toughest battle of her life, facing cancer again for the 4th time, having first battled Breast Cancer at the age of 50 and going into remission for 20 years.

In January 2020, 20 years after her first battle she was struck again with a completely different and much tougher cancer, stage 4 uterine cancer. Given the nature of the cancer (rare and aggressive) Carol was fortunate to be placed into a research program and on chemotherapy, and with the support of an exceptional medical team they managed to keep it at bay for 6 months. Upon its return, Carol underwent very heavy chemotherapy treatment again, and has now been in remission for 14 months.

Chemo is exhausting. The weight of pain and also not wanting to be a burden it creates for the patient is at times unbearable, and it’s also difficult for family and friends and especially grandchildren to watch the life saving treatment not only kill the cancer, but your loved one’s energy and spirit. We are so fortunate that Carol fought as hard as she did, and is still with us today…\

We thought we were in the clear, unfortunately on Wednesday the 8th October 2022 we were hit again with the cancer returning in 4 places. To say we are all devastated is a complete understatement.

The great news is that Carol is determined to fight, however our only option is a combination of immunotherapy and tablets and she needs to start now. The most difficult part is that the treatment is not yet on the PBS and is therefore not funded, and the treatment all up will be in excess of $80,000…

We are pressing ahead with the treatment and have made the decision as a family to find the funds, but it’s not easy for everyone to be able to contribute as much as they would like to cover the full cost.

We haven’t shared the news widely yet, but everyone we have told has asked how they can help. Knowing how loved she is we decided to put up this page, every little bit contributes towards this groundbreaking life saving treatment for Caz, mum, or nana, as she is known by her loved ones.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story.

Lisa, Liam, Rori and Ramsey and our partners Danny, Dan, Merline and Jason. x

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