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My name is Jason. I am from a little country town on the south coast. I run my own lawn mowing & maintenance business to help support my wife and two little boys.

I've never had major problems with my health until March of 2022 where I started getting pains in my stomach area. I didn't think much of it, I just kept working through the pain thinking it was nothing.

I went and saw my local GP and got blood test and ultrasounds to figure out what was going on, start of April the pain was getting worse I ended up in the hospital spending the night, the next day the pain was still there so I had to be transferred to Shoalhaven hospital for further testing.

After a week in hospital, I got diagnosed first with kidney cancer after finding abrasions on my liver, kidney, and chest. Then they changed the diagnoses to liver cancer, next step was getting a liver biopsy after the results came back it was found out I had a very rare one in a million disease Langerhans cell histiocytosis after that I had to go get a bone marrow biopsy to make sure it hadn't spread to all my bones. Thankfully it hadn’t spread to my bones and brain.

After seeing my Haematology Doctor, I am now doing 6 months of chemo 5 days a week once a month, luckily where I live, I can do 3 days a week locally and the other 2 days I travel 45 minutes for treatment.

I don't often ask for help; I strive to do things for myself and the best of my family. I would appreciate and be grateful for any help that I can get to be here for my family.

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