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Helping  Sarah Englefield

Helping Sarah Englefield

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Sarah is doing well following her initial treatments. Despite a few lingering nasty side effects of this medication (as seems to be the way with these things) she is persevering and a symbol of strength for our family every day. A third of the way through, she is more committed to continuing the treatment, especially knowing how others - and perfect strangers at that - have wanted to support her and help offer the opportunity to do so. Our children begin school next year and that early milestone alone drives her to be the healthiest and strongest she can be and your support has been humbling and welcome to our family in these trying times.

Thank you again for reading our story, your generosity and we wish you and yours safety, health and happiness over the coming holidays and into the new year.

My wife Sarah is a doting mother of two amazing toddlers (4 and 3) who has just clawed her way out of a two year recovery from stage three breast cancer.

Since Christmas of 2020 she underwent urgent neo-adjuvant chemotherapy, three surgeries and has just finally finished follow up immunotherapy.  Like many others who have been or are going down the same path, she is currently continuing with hormone and heart medical therapy so that she can be the strongest version of herself whilst under surveillance in case the cancer reappears. 

Following this, Sarah’s oncologist has recommended a drug therapy – neratinib – available for HER2+ candidates (a group Sarah is part of) which has been proven in trials to significantly reduce the risk of cancer recurrence/spread within the next five to ten years post diagnosis.  As it stands, one in five women experience a secondary cancer diagnosis within five years of initial HER2+ treatment. 

For Sarah, there is no question about further medication – even with all the side effects – if it will secure her health, her future and the time our family will share together.  This reassurance comes at an unfortunate cost, however, and it also has to be taken directly after her recently completed course of immunotherapy to be effective. 

As it has only recently become available in Australia, neratinib has not yet been approved for inclusion on the PBS and as such it attracts an $18,000 personal gap fee to pay for the drug so that she can complete the therapy.   

While Sarah fought her primary cancer with all our love and admirable resilience, her care has already come at some cost to us as imaging, therapy, surgery, time off work and rehabilitation with our two young children in tow have attracted a significant financial burden. 

Sarah started the treatment in August of 2022. If anyone is able or willing to help make this medication more accessible it would be appreciated more than you could know.  Sarah, her children and I would be ever grateful for your contribution.

Thanks to our supporters