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Turning 30 in April 2021, little did I know the nausea and fatigue symptoms I had would end up being diagnosed as Metastatic Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular Cancer (an extremely rare form of liver cancer that usually affects 20-30-year old’s - 1 in 5 million) in June 2021. 

I was so excited to start my 30s with my fiancé, Zack, and our furbabies Sookie and Zelda and do some travelling, get married, buy our first home and start planning for kids. This diagnosis brought all of that to an abrupt halt.

I went into Box Hill Hospital in Victoria in early July 2021, due to extreme discomfort and pain. With all the Ultrasounds, CT scans and PET scans, it was evident surgery needed to happen and quickly. The mass on my liver once removed weighed 3.5kgs and a lymph node and hot spot on my aorta was also removed with me at the time being completely cancer-free. There is always a high risk with this type of cancer re-occurring but it took Zack and I completely by surprise when it returned in October 2021.

Not only did it return to my liver, but also my lungs and abdominal area. I was completely crushed by this news as surgery wasn’t an option and with this cancer, there is no treatment that will 100% work.

So, in December 2021, I started an Immunotherapy Clinical Trial, but unfortunately, I fell ill on the drug and spent more time in hospital and eventually had to make the decision to withdraw from the trial.

Since June 2021, it has been constant hospital stays, blood tests, x-rays, CT scans, PET scans, recovering from major surgery back in July 2021 but I’m not giving up. I’m currently trying chemotherapy treatment and hoping to try another treatment in conjunction but I need your help as it's not on the PBS and is very expensive along with other medical costs not covered.

I’m a very private person and never one to ask for help but I really need your help with this to give me the best chance to beat this rare cancer and start enjoying my 30’s with my now-husband, Zack, as we eloped in November 2021. Even sharing my story with people, you know will help. All of your help is appreciated and I will be forever grateful.

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