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Sarah Currently (A message from Sarah)

Hi, I am a mother of 3 young beautiful children, aged 5, 4, and 11 months. This sudden diagnosis of stomach cancer has been such a blow to myself and our family. We have gone from having happy times of being able to go out, go to the beach, go to the park, take the kids to school, and have happy family times, to my being housebound in a wheelchair, unable to walk, having no energy to do anything. This has been devastating for me as a mum, as I can not be there the way I would like to be there for my babies as a mum. My loving husband has had to take over many of my roles as a mum, as I am simply unable to function normally. This is so heartbreaking and I would love to be able to be back to normal to become the mum and woman I was before, plus more.

Following written by Sarah's husband (Daniel):

Background and devastating news:

The last 24 months have been hard for Sarah. I myself, (Daniel her husband), had testicular cancer just under 24 months ago. I'm 36 and it was rapidly growing. However mine was localised and I'm 100% cured, as they managed to get it all before it spread. That was an additional stress and worry on her. On the 21st July and 1st August 2021, just 10 days apart, Sarah's father and mother passed away respectively from Covid in Zimbabwe. She had just started to come to terms with their loss and not being able to travel to their funerals and mourn when the following happened:

Sarah was having really bad pains in her leg. 9 out of 10 pain. So I took her to the hospital and they thought it was a pinched nerve as they did a few tests and it showed nothing bad on the scan for her leg. However, a few days later her stomach started having immense pain and she ended up being admitted to hospital for a week. So they did an endoscopy, colonoscopy, and a biopsy, and that's where it was determined that she had stage 4 cancer that started in her stomach, had spread to her lymph nodes and now it is no longer an option to operate on. Her doctor then ordered a pet scan of the rest of her body. Then we found out that cancer had spread all throughout her left hip and groin, right into the bone and that's what was causing the immense pain. There is also cancer in her right hip, left shoulder and lower spine. Though this type of cancer is not rare itself, we have been told by the oncologists that at her age (38), the circumstances of this type of cancer in someone her age are very rare.

The saddest news of my life, but one we agree not to accept is that she has been given just '2 years to live'. I have watched her go through my cancer news, then losing both parents within a week of each other and now having this cancer diagnosis hanging over her head. She now has limited mobility and uses a wheelchair or crutches to walk around. She has lost her energy, and can't even take our son to school anymore because of the pain, which is literally just around the corner.

We have 3 wonderful kids together. Levi (5), Atara (4), and our newest addition Taliyah (10 months old). They need their mummy, as I need my wife.

The Hope:

The oncology department at Fiona Stanley Hospital has given us some hope though. Sarah started chemo on 19th November 2021, then radiation on her left leg and groin for 10 days starting on 25th November. The hope is that there is a treatment called immunotherapy, which has been successful in cancer patients around the world. The theory behind this treatment is that the immune system can build up more of its own cells to fight cancer, and in some patients and studies, it has completely stopped the cancer in its tracks. Unfortunately, this treatment is still on trial, so is therefore not funded by the government yet.

Where we need your help:

Currently, I have a full-time job. However, I'm having to reduce my work down to one day a week and become a full-time carer, and both mum and dad to our 3 kids. So, financially we can keep afloat for day to day living, however, we cannot afford this immunotherapy treatment, as it's not publically funded by the government. So as much as I'm embarrassed to ask for help, I have little ones, as well as my wife's life to come first over my own embarrassment.

Financial breakdown:

We have been told by Fiona Stanley Medical Center that Immunotherapy will cost us $5,455.49 a treatment. She needs 20 treatments, however, once the cost adds up to $52,000 then the medical companies only charge $100 a treatment every 3 weeks after that.

The wonderful people at Rare Cancers Australia have graciously reached out to help us fundraise on their platform which enables a tax deduction for the donators. We are so blessed and thankful for companies like this and the generosity of people who donate and show their support. Words will never express how thankful we are. You are all so awesome!

Any additional funds will go towards the remaining sum.

If Sarah's body doesn't accept the treatment, then we will use any additional funds towards the quality of life for Sarah, e.g medical bills, or medication that isn't covered by our healthcare system here in Australia. Lots of things are covered thankfully, but there may be bills that pop up along the way with Sarah's journey to beat and fight this cancer.

About Sarah:

Sarah is a loving wife and mother to our 3 beautiful children and myself. She is such a joy and delight and always happy. Anyone who has met her will feel her gentle warmth and just how loving and

friendly she is. She was born in Zimbabwe and came here in 2008 to Study at Curtin University. I met her 8 years ago and we have enjoyed a happy marriage since July 2014, where we have created a loving home for our 3 children. Sarah is always willing to help anyone and I would love to be able to help her by accepting help from others. She was a little concerned that I'm making a page as she never wants to burden others with her problems. That's the kind of person she is. She's the warmest and most lovely person I have ever met and I'm so thankful to have her as part of my life and look forward to the rest of our lives together.

We really appreciate any donation even if it's $1

Thank you for your well wishes, thoughts, prayers and love.

I'll keep you updated along our journey.

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