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Helping James

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James’s one goal in life has been to be a good Dad to his two beautiful daughters. He is a GREAT Dad and more time with them to impact their lives and share in precious memories is all we are hoping for.

If you knew James you would describe him as one of your healthiest mates. With a great ‘Dad bod’, he enjoys being out in the garden and keeping busy at home. He is an all-round good bloke that is easygoing, patient and doesn’t like to make a fuss. He is a loving & devoted Husband, a great friend to have and so very proud of his two little girls.

When some fatigue set in, James and his wife Peppa put it down to his shift work. James started to mention feeling dizzy and one morning awoke with a swollen neck and face. After seeing a GP they visited emergency still thinking it was going to be an easy fix. Instead, they were left devastated. Their lives changed forever.

This first diagnosis in September 2019 was for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (DLBCL) which is often referred to as a “good Cancer” due to a high percentage of people being cured after the first line of treatment. After 6 rounds of EPOCH an intense Chemo that completely wreaked James’ body, they were hoping this was the end of it. With his type of Cancer if you fail the first lot of treatment the odds are then against you to be cured. Little did they know it was just the beginning of more pain and heartache for their family. They then tried RICE – Failed, DHAP – Failed, Mosunetuzumab trial – Failed.

They then relocated the whole family for two months to Brisbane in hopes that CAR T was their answer but to their devastation that also failed terribly. James was in such a terrible way with the Cancer taking over his body that the only way was to be flown back to Adelaide by the Royal Flying Doctors. Unsure if the next lot of treatment would even touch the sides they started pembrolizumab and radiation. This started to work and everyone was hoping to hear the words “You’re in remission” so that James could have an allo transplant but recently they found out that this has now also failed.

Sadly for James and his family even after everything they have tried and sacrifices they have made, over the last 2 years James has never reached remission. Exhausted, he has failed 6 different treatments but will continue to fight for time with his daughters. For his sake and theirs.

James and Peppa are desperate to find a medication that could gift him this time. Whilst there is hope, the cost is $6500 a month as this medication is not on the PBS. A typical hardworking young family, Peppa owns a small business, but James is now not able to return to work. Up until now, they have managed to avoid the burden of needing to reach out to family, friends, and the wider community but they are not ready to give up.

It has been a long road and it’s not over yet. James has remained positive but always realistic about this terrible disease. It is with great courage that he seeks what is taken so often for granted. More time. Time with his beautiful wife and their precious daughters. To wake with them in the morning and kiss them good night.

If you can help in any way, please donate to help this beautiful family pay for this necessary treatment.

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