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Helping George Davidson

Helping George Davidson

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After 1 year of living life like a normal kid, we got the worst news. Our little boy had relapsed. After being classified as stage 4 high-risk Neuroblastoma in 2019, his Neuroblastoma had come back and in a big way. Doctors telling us he had an 8cm tumour behind his heart causing his left lung to collapse, also with some in his spine and bone marrow.

Now he has a long road ahead with more treatment. His little body has already endured 7 cycles of chemotherapy, surgery, 2 cycles of high dose chemotherapy, 2 stem cell transplants, immunotherapy and 12 doses of radiation. He is a tough little man and has always taken every treatment in his stride always fighting.

Unfortunately due to his previous treatment, George has been left with hearing loss and has to wear hearing aids. This year we found out he has autism which has made things a little harder.

Treatment for this relapse will involve a number of chemotherapy cycles, surgery and radiation to follow. His survival rate has dropped from 50% to just 20% due to his relapse.

With no trials available in Australia that can help his survival chances we have to look overseas for treatment. Unfortunately, these trials are very expensive, and we need your help to raise the much-needed funds to get there.

The treatment overseas is still a long process with weeks spent apart from family and friends. But it will all be worth it when Georgie boy receives the treatment he needs to survive.

George, who is nearly 4 absolutely loves his sisters and adores them as do they adore him. His love for cars is massive and runs in his blood, he loves anything with wheels. He loves the outdoors and exploring. Love riding on motorbikes and Pa's boat. This kid just loves living, he lights up every room he enters. Always wants a high five or some knuckles. Just an absolute legend.

Please help us raise the money to help this little guy live his best life.

Thanks to our supporters