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Helping Phillip Borg

Helping Phillip Borg

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(PHOTO: The Borg family at their Killcare holiday in January 2021 [left to right] 47-year-old Phillip, 35-year-old Jessica, 3-year-old Darcy and 10-month-old Arlo)

Just shy of 12 months ago, and only two weeks before the birth of their second child, Phillip and Jessica Borg received the devastating news that Phil was diagnosed with an aggressive and fast-spreading form of Stage 4 bowel cancer.
At the time doctors gave him just three weeks to live.

Phil determined to beat the 12cm cancerous-tumour growing inside him, so he could meet his young-son Arlo, launched into an aggressive form of defence, which included surgery to remove 67% of his bowel, peritoneum and omentum and 15 exhaustive rounds of chemotherapy - all at the height of the COVID-19 outbreak.

His oncologist Associate Professor Poursoltan said Phil’s treatment plan; “was some of the most aggressive I’ve seen. Phil has an unwavering determination, but the battle has been hard and long. The way Phil has approached each step of his treatment has been inspirational to not only me, but the entire medical team and his fellow patients.”

Unfortunately for Phil, Jess, their 3-year-old daughter Darcy and newborn son Arlo, Phil’s prognosis went from bad to worse. Each time they thought the treatment could be working another hurdle appeared.

Next, it was in his liver.

Phil underwent another procedure to remove two-thirds of his liver, as well as his gall bladder.

Then, bone cancer appeared in his left hip.

Phil tackled that with a precise laser radiation treatment.

All the while, the cancer that originated in Phil’s bowel continued to spread and mutate. Recent scans indicate the cancer is now strangling his stomach, small, and large bowels, causing Phil excruciating cramps, nausea and severe weight loss. Phil is currently hospitalised.

Despite the excruciating uphill battle - Phil became somewhat of a coach to the other cancer patients in the chemo ward, thanks to his calming nature and ability to explain complex medical procedures in a clear way. He’d often be found chatting with other patients about their diagnosis answering their questions or pointing them to helpful information, easing their worries.

Phil quickly became a favourite amongst the nurses and doctors too, they loved his positive outlook and great sense of humour.

This is no surprise to anyone that knows Phil.

Meeting Phil means loving Phil.

He has an infectious personality with contagious curiosity and open-mindedness, only eclipsed by his warm soul. When you sit with Phil and have a beer, the conversation could go two ways; a quirky and random giggle-filled chat or a deep and fulfilling discussion on the meaning of life.

Phil spent his working life advocating for social justice and equality across the human services sector in both government and non-government organisations and has been instrumental in leading teams who have delivered a number of services and policies that today help some of the most vulnerable people in NSW. He’s impact will be long felt.

And now, Phil needs your help. 

As of today, a new treatment, which is a specific drug combination to target his rare and aggressive illness, has become available.

As this is an emerging treatment and still in the trial phase it is not yet subsidised by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, costing the Borg family an eye-watering $10,000 per month - this is on top of the existing heavy financial burden for Phil’s numerous treatments and care.

If you can help in any way, please donate to help the beautiful Borg family pay for this necessary treatment.

If you’d also like to send Phil some words of love and encouragement please drop him a line at sayhitophilb@gmail.com.

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