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I am a disability pensioner diagnosed with advanced Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Feb 2019.  My specialist informed me that my cancer was P16 negative, metastatic and not operable, and recommended I undergo immunotherapy.

My specialist then delivered the bad news... 'The lifesaving immunotherapy drug required to treat your cancer is not funded by the Public Health System, so your only option is for you to pay $50,000AUD for the treatment which involves 4 infusions of 2mg/kg body weight every three weeks with further treatment dependent on results. '

That news to a pensioner is devastating; I do not have any money| I am only 45 years of age and have yet to live my life. I live in a country town with little emotional support, no public transport and basic medical facilities.

Unless I have the immunotherapy infusion in the next couple of months I am predisposed to death.

Anything you can contribute towards my treatment cost will be very much appreciated; every little bit helps.

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