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Helping Howard Duff

Helping Howard Duff

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My name is Howard and I live in Hobart.

Update 29/06
I wish to say a big thank you to all of my generous donors. It is personally moving to know the kindness of all of you and I find it uplifting to my spirits. Not only is it helping to purchase my treatment, it also gives me a huge dose of kindness and love, which is a powerful healing emotion.
I am week 3 into my first immunotherapy treatment. The first few weeks knocked me around a fair bit but, I am happy to report that things are stabilising and I am feeling better now. I am continuing to look after myself well, with the help of everyone around me.

Thank you again for your wonderful support, love, and kindness.

Howard Duff.

As a horticulturist for 40 years I have been living a relatively healthy life due to the physical nature of my career which has kept me fit.  12 months ago I was diagnosed with rectal cancer, which I found out is a rare cancer.  I have been through multiple treatments over the last year but unfortunately the cancer has returned after each treatment.

At this point, my options are immunotherapy clinical trials at various interstate hospitals or self-funded immunotherapy.  Due to Covid – 19 shutdown and the limited positions available, the trial option is not available at present.  So my only chance now is the self-funded immunotherapy.  This will cost $70,000.

I am able to contribute personally to the cost, but my savings are depleted having not worked much in the last 12 months.  I remain positive, and am continuing to stay healthy despite the cancer therefore, I am appealing to people to help me get this treatment.

Thanks to our supporters