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Helping Angela Pershouse

Helping Angela Pershouse

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I didn’t live my best life. Because I thought I had forever. I feel stupid.....what a waste. When tomorrow isn’t promised, it’s easy to be in the present. When a future is not guaranteed, everything comes into super sharp focus”. - Angela Pershouse

My girlfriend has recently been given a terminal breast cancer diagnosis in Australia and is currently seeking alternative treatments as she tries to save her own life. Unfortunately, she is being forced to look at trials abroad as our current medical system here, has no further options available to her.

At the same time, she’s desperately trying to raise awareness of breast cancer, particularly for those who have been given a terminal diagnosis; and the need to always take full responsibility for your own health by asking questions and staying curious.

Her cancer markers were originally missed from scans, which meant the cancer had time spread. After months of gruelling chemo, radiation and surgeries, she was eventually given the all clear, only to have it return with a ‘no further options available’ outcome and a terminal diagnosis delivered, with as little as six months to live.

She doesn’t accept that. We don’t accept that. As Ang says, there has to be other options. And she’s on a mission to find them. She’s not ready to say goodbye. And neither are we.

In the last 12 months, she nursed and helplessly watched her Mum eventually lose her own battle with cancer; as well as finalising a very emotional divorce. All whilst still working full time.

As she’s rapidly finding out, seeking alternative options is extremely expensive. With no publicly funded options now available to save her life in Australia, her financial ability to undergo other options and possible medical trials is severely hampered. With time not on her side, raising money to pursue these other options, save her own life and in return raise awareness of the need for other people facing a cancer diagnosis, to have further options made available in Australia is critical. And it needs to happen now. 

Follow her journey of her fight to survive; and as a result, saving the lives of many others living with this hideous disease by following her instagram page @living_courageously_curious

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